Do you have tight hamstrings, lower back or hips? Are you one of those
people that finds being on their feet painful? Then read on… Booking a gait assessment consultation with an Osteopath could be an immense learning opportunity and a chance to understand why you are in such severe discomfort. We’ve all had both barrels when it comes to hearing of the benefits of correct posture and how a well-trained musculature can help. But if you are anything like many of the visitors to our clinic then you have probably tried training your muscles to improve your posture. The difficulty is that we are creatures of habit, and having cultivated certain habits over many hears our bodies don’t always want to let go of them easily. Enter Orthotics… Footwear manufacturers today mass produce functional shoes to fit a diverse range of feet. Every-body is different, and every foot is different. So whilst you may be a size 7 shoe it is impossible that your foot will be the same as every persons of the same size. Your bones tell the story of your body history: your nutrition, health, diet and this is reflected in the ligaments and joints that define your individual posture.


Put simply they are devices such as braces or splints that aid and assist us inany activity.
Following a consultation with an Osteopath you will have access to a detailed view of your individual posture and how your feet influence the rest of your body. With their experience an Osteopath will know what corrective measure should be put in place to help adjust your gait and so create balance.


Moulded precisely to your foot, a bespoke insole in your shoe will give you the reminder and the gentle support needed to help realign your feet and in turn set you on the road to care free walking.
A bespoke orthotics support will maximise your neuromuscular feedback and proprioception. The additional feedback that this then gives your body will help to greatly reduce complaints like headaches and tight muscles.


Activity specific orthotic insoles will help you to gain the flexibility your body needs in every walk of life. The right material will help your skin breathe and respond to the activity you are engaged in. So the orthotics device for a runner will vary to that of a tennis player and further still to someone who just wants to walk pain free.
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by Rohit Shin, Osteopath