I am sure many of us spend hours sitting in the same position at our desk at work every day. This may not be a cause for concern for a week or so. However, when this position is sustained for a long period of time day after day, month after month it can lead to a long-standing problem of neck pain caused by poor posture. This does not have to be the case for you. You have the control to avoid the possibility of developing neck pain in the future by correcting your posture at work.

Here are some tips to avoid neck pain in the office:

  • Regularly take breaks and go for short walks – being in the same position for a long time can cause the muscle to become tired leading to slouching and in turn putting more pressure on the neck. A break every half hour for 2 minutes can help.
  • Stretching – have you ever thought to do this while you wait for the kettle to boil at work? I have often found that many of us are reluctant to take time out to do stretches due to lack of time. However, stretches are a fantastic way of incorporating this into our daily routine. For example, every time you decide to make a cup of tea, how about carrying out 2 minutes of neck stretches whilst the kettle boils.
  • Most chairs are adjustable – therefore adjust the chair height so the top of the monitor is at eye level, keeping in mind to sit upright, to prevent twisting of the neck and avoid leaning or straining the neck.
  • Keep the mouse close to you. When the mouse is placed far away it can cause strain on the shoulder.
  • Also, avoid having a stiff posture by keeping a relaxed posture. For those who already have neck pain, it is common to limit movement in the area to avoid pain from occurring. However, it is vital to move as this is what the spine is designed to do. Avoidance of movement can lead to increased pain.

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by Anita Singadia, Osteopath